Get Your Free DIY Credit Repair Kit

This kit will help you get started to repairing your credit and show you ways to negotiate with creditors as well as things that will help raise our credit score. 

DIY Credit Repair Kit

This kit contains everything you need to help get you started on the path to repairing your credit on your own. It contains a step by step process, task list and credit management tools along with letter templates to creditors and credit reporting agencies.

Step by Step

Complete outline and worksheets to guide you through every step of the way and encourage you along the path to help you gain finical stability and improved credit standing.

Fixing Issues

Includes task sheets and guides along with templates ad worksheets to help you fix credit issues and credit reporting issues.

Letter To Creditors

Templates for letters to creditors, credit monitoring agencies to clear up facts and repair outstanding issues as well as help settle outstanding debt.


We are always here to help support you on your journey to improving your financial situation and want to offer encouragement and advice.

Learn from us & our many years of experience

Try the credit repair kit out and see if it heps you gain some clarity on starting to repair your credit. If at anytime you feel you need some extra help or would like us to take over for you we are always here to reach out to. Give us a call below and we can work with you to create a roadmap to help get you back on track financially. 

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