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We get better repayment terms for you. Maybe its through a loan, maybe its by resolving debt for less, and maybe its simply reducing your interest rates through a nonprofit.

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Tell us about your debt - see if you qualify, see what you can save, enroll, rebuild financial stability.

What is Debt Resolution/Settlement?

A simple plan where your Creditors / Collectors agree to settle for less.

What is Rate Reduction?

A simple plan where creditors reduce interest rates and you keep making payments.

Why DebtRx?

One of the longest operating debt relief firms with 20+ years of proven results. Top ratings from the BBB, Consumer Affairs, bonded and insured.




Rate Reduction, Consolidation & Debt Settlement

Regain control of your finances and obtain one low program payment.

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We may be able to help lower the rate of your current loans or your credit cards as well as monthly payments.

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Debt consolidation loans can help you save money on interest, lower your monthly payments or increase your credit score.

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We may be able to help you reduce debt by negotiating settlements with your creditors or debt collectors. 

Caring Approach and Quality Services

Our goal is to negotiate better repayment terms for you.

Why you should choose us

One of the longest operating debt relief firms with 20+ years of proven results. Top ratings from the BBB, Consumer Affairs, bonded and insured.

Highest ratings from the Better Business Bureau, Consumers Affairs, Bonded and Insured


Qualifying will not affect your credit or score


One stop for multiple, proven and Trusted Solutions with no upfront costs

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Patty L.

“My debt was substantial thanks to my poor choices in money management. In the past 3 and half years DebtRX has seen me through my mothers illness, a bad break up, and a few relocations. It is because of you that I was freed up to deal with these personal issues by not having to worry about calls, letters and drowning in debt. I have been recommending you to people I know that are in the same situation I found myself in. Keep up the amazing work!”

Eddie A.

“I was in a deep financial crisis. One of your representatives was able to instill confidence in me that enabled me to see that my situation was not impossible to overcome. In my darkest hour, DebtRX was there to provide priceless guidance. I am debt free after 3 some years. Thank you.”