Debt relief programs you need. We review:

Reduced Interest Payment Programs

Consolidation Loans

or Debt Settlement

> How does this work?

You call, we ask some questions, we present debt relief options and perhaps better rates. Our goal is to negotiate better repayment terms for you. In fact, the Interest Rate Reduction program has pre-negotiated rates. (All programs are based on your personal situation, creditors, what's affordable to you, and your overall credit situation. No credit check required for Rate Reduction or Debt Settlement. Home ownership is not required. Privacy is a top priority. Confidential.)

>What is Debt Settlement and Debt Negotiation?

Debt Settlement, or debt negotiation as some call it, is a plan to renegotiate the amount of debt you owe so the amount paid is less than owed, yet is accepted as full payment. Many individuals who have a financial hardship have found that debt settlement or debt negotiation is the only affordable debt relief solution for them.**

>Why Debt Settlement or Debt Negotiation?

Perhaps you are struggling with debt. Perhaps your income has reduced. Perhaps creditors wont work with you. Perhaps you cant afford your minimum payments and are delinquent. Perhaps you have already paid creditors for what you bought and the balance left over is interest. This debt relief service may allow you to regain control of your finances and obtain one low program payment. We create a savings program that helps you save the money needed to pay off your debts. Once you have saved enough money we can negotiate with your creditors.

>Why Debt Settlement Group (Debt Rx)?

We are one of the longest operating Debt Settlement Companies in America, though we offer more than Debt Settlement. We are upfront about the effects of debt settlement on your credit. We help you find the debt relief option that you feel is best, not just debt settlement and debt negotiation. If debt settlement is not right for you, we look at other debt relief options. We can place you with the best debt relief option for your personal situation.

>Which debt relief option works for you?

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